I got back from my trip to Europe about a week ago. I have to say the MSI Wind U100 worked amazingly well. It was great for checking email and even doing some like php coding and photo editing with photoshop. The Wind’s card reader was also very good for unloading the 3,000+ photos  from camera memory sticks as they filled up. This of course all ended about a week and a half into the trip. I happened to get off a train at what I thought was Rome, but was not. After realizing that it was the wrong stop I ran back toward the train while my netbook flew out of my pack in the other direction. Once I got back on the train I opened up my netbook to reveal a broken screen :(.

I just ordered a new screen for around $100 from eBay and it should arrive soon. It was an expensive mistake, but on the bright side I now have an excuse to rip the netbook open and replace the screen. Look for the results in a post within the next week.